XStitch: Mr. Saturn


Bam! Bet you weren’t expecting another crossstitch update so soon! Well, it’s not all that surprising. Hell, look at him, he’s got all of four colors and is the smallest character in the entire project. (Actually, not by much! But simplicity in color goes a lot farther toward short completion time than raw size does.)

This here is a Mr. Saturn, from the Earthbound / Mother 3 games. And yes, I say ‘a’ Mr. Saturn, because there are lots of these guys. They speak in a weird font, with weird diction, and every one of them is named Mr. Saturn.They are good with machines, and their favorite foods are almond cheese bars and piggy jelly.

They’re sort of like a much stranger moogle, if you know what a moogle is.

It’ll probably be a while until the next xstitch post, because I’m going from the smallest character to the largest. Though, it’s not too complicated colorwise, so maybe it won’t be too bad. We’ll see!

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