Twin Peaks 2600

Two posts in the same day! An embarassment of riches! Well, being that I’m not just a video game nerd but also a huge Twin Peaks fan, I can’t not post this.

It’s an Atari 2600-style game, based on Special Agent Dale Cooper’s adventures in the Black Lodge. There’s a full article on it here, including download links for Mac and PC.

Now if that gum I like would just come back into style.

What I do with my time.


Got a thing in my email saying I got a new subscriber. Hello, Dex Gormenghast! In light of this, I figured I should actually post something, so here’s a picture of my little garden in Minecraft. You can click it to make it bigger! I don’t think I knew Posterous had that feature.

I’ll post some shots of the actual house, once I’ve finished replacing the cobblestone with the new stone brick and deciding what how I want to deal with the new architectural/aesthetic issues that have cropped up in that process.