HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS! Seanbaby is back! Seanbaby is back, everybody! The man who wins first, second, AND third place in the Funniest Motherfucking Bastard on the Internet Competition? Maddox, you’re a lovely guy and a gentleman to boot, but fuck you, it’s Seanbaby, and he’s back.

Well… he was back in February, anyway. He posted like five things in February, and nothing in March. I am not gonna be the one to throw stones at that particular glass house, though, so just click through and make your life complete. Savor the glory.

BONUS: The first episode of the new video game podcast A Life Well Wasted has an interview with the man himself, talking about his days writing for EGM magazine. I recommend giving it a listen. He takes a minute to hit his stride, but “Oh yeah,” you’ll be saying, “That’s Seanbaby all right.”

Update: Galloping fucksticks! He’s been writing for something called a zimbio.com, and there’s only about three million columns in his section! I’m not gonna run out of internet for ages! It is a glorious day indeed.



Here’s another pic I found on my computer. There’s a nifty little story behind this one, but I’ll leave it to the originator, Warren Ellis, to tell it. Click through.



This is a classic internet… thing from ages ago. I’d’ve thought everyone had seen it by now, but when I linked it in clan chat the other day, nobody had. So maybe some people here haven’t either.