Pokémon: RTM 1.1

I started testing out Real Trainer Mode on an ebay copy of Fire Red. Some early thoughts and rule adjustments:

a) In PARTY.3 (withdrawing from the PC), change the 1 result to: “Roll for a random party member. If you roll a blank space, nothing happens and the withdraw is unsuccessful. Otherwise, the party member indicated is deleted and replaced with the withdrawn pokémon.”

b) In COMBAT.1 (switching), change the die results to:
   1: The switch fails. Continue with the fight.
   2-3: Roll for a random party member. If you roll the currently active pokémon, the switch fails and the fight continues. Otherwise, switch to the indicated party member. If you roll an ineligible result, roll again.
   4-6: Switch as normal.

New optional rule: To fully experience the infuriating magic of Twitch Plays Pokémon, roll a die whenever you move to a space which is adjacent to a ledge. On a roll of 1, you must hop down. (Suggested by Jenni)

Suggestion: For more TPP goodness, name your pokémon randomly by closing your eyes, moving the d-pad around, and occasionally pressing A. In later-gen games, you may wish to switch to lowercase after the first letter. (My Squirtle’s name is “H tores”.)

Warning: Be super goddamn careful at the beginning of the game, before you get pokéballs. If Gary or wild pokémon knock out your starter before you have the opportunity to get any more guys, it’s game over. Remember to pick up the free Potion from your home PC.

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