Kinder Eggs (67/150) Rad-los


Oh huh, one of the weird caveman dioramas. Is “Rad-los” his name? I guess it must be, but that strikes me an an uncommonly strange name for a caveman. Even a caveman farmer. Even a caveman farmer who is kind of retarded and has decided that strapping his cart to a turtle will get him there faster than just carrying the hay himself. Which I guess is the intended joke. What’s way funnier, though, it the look of paranoid terror on Rad-los’s face. He thinks that tree is going to assassinate him.

Stiff as a Board


Man, I’m way behind on Kinder Eggs, huh? Sorry about that gang, I’ve been distracted with work and like three different video games.

In the meantime, here’s a picture I took of a policeman planking in Deus Ex. He’s really good at it!


Here’s a fun thing: A Let’s Play video series on Link’s Awakening, the Gameboy iteration of Legend of Zelda. In this playthrough, the LPer, MeccaPrime, thoroughly (and amusingly straightfacedly) breaks the shit out of the game, starting out by acquiring the Level 0 shield and then blowing through dungeon #8. Er, sort of.

Naturally it’s more fun if you’re familiar with the game, but I expect it’s a wild ride regardless. Click through to youtube to get the subsequent episodes.


Kinder Eggs (66/150) Dog Riding a Horse


Here’s one of the rare eggs that’s even older than the regularly-old eggs I have. You can probably tell by now what it does, just by looking: the wheel is a sort of irregular cam that makes the rider and horse’s head go up and down as you push it forward.

Anyone else find it weird and a little unsettling when one animal is anthropomorphic and another is just a regular animal? I guess Disney’s Goofy and Pluto are the canonical examples.

Kinder Eggs (65/150) Katzenmusik Unplugged


I got all excited for a moment, because I thought that was a little red dinosaur peeking at me out of the egg. “Hello!” Alas, it’s more Street Life In Mainhattan, where animals do things that you would almost, but never actually, see on a city street.

You know what would make this series perfect? A dog, dressed as a homeless vagrant, taking a dump on the sidewalk, and another dog dressed as a cop, shouting at him to clean it up.