Pokémon RTM 1.3

Discovered a problem with using the PC to temporarily store fainted pokémon so that they aren’t healed by the Nurse: turns out the PC also heals mons. That throws a bit of a wrench into things.

New Rule: Assign a particular PC box to be Fainted Pokémon Storage. Rename the box accordingly, in games that permit it. Whenever you have a fainted (but not killed) party member, and don’t have a Revive to heal it with, drop them off in that box as soon as possible. (Remember to switch back to your main box afterward, so that captured mons aren’t sent to the Fainted box.) You may withdraw mons from that box only by paying for each one by discarding a Revive from your inventory. (You don’t need to roll the die.)

You may leave fainted mons in your party if you wish (for example if you’re on your way to the Lavender Tower heal pad, or somewhere where a Revive is available, etc.), but you cannot use Pokécenter healing while you have fainted party members.

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