And on the 25th…

On the 25th, it turned out that the Lego advent calendar only has 24 doors on it. Man, I was all ready to come up with some kind of final apocalyptic thing, and I totally anticlimactic’d myself.

Well, I’ll figure something out. Not right now though, I have work to do.

It’s a dramatic cliffhanger!



And then, on the 24th, a miracle occurred! Santa Claus came on his Battlecrawler tank to rescue all the good little boys and girls and save Christmas! Hooray!

Nah, just kidding. That’s Shaggy Harold. The basket on his back is for the heads.



Beset on three sides by the robots, the government soldiers, and Voldo’s crazed “Murderaniacs”, the crab-mutants bring out their secret weapon: Crrt’chk’kik’crrk, the Behemoth.

Yes, he has a magic wand. The only spell he knows is “Transmute Human Into Inside-Out Human”, but it’s a pretty good one.



Stun-pistol and chainsaw at the ready, Killbot V41 treads slowly but relentlessly toward its squishy human targets.

“Stun-pistol?” I hear you exclaim. “Surely such a machine would not be equipped with non-lethal weaponry!”

Of course not, don’t be silly. The stun-pistol is just to keep the squishies still while V41 uses the chainsaw.



Ralph was a normal guy. He had a normal family, a normal job, a normal life. But when a firefight between the crab-mutants and government soldiers broke out in Market Square, and Betty and little Ralph Jr. got caught in the crossfire, well, something in his brain just snapped. The ranks of Voldo’s mob increased yet again.

If you asked him, Ralph would tell you that axe-murdering isn’t all fun and games, but a lot of people need axe-murdered, and he has a job to do. And then he would axe-murder you.



Day 20: A scout robot cavorts near a fallen battle-standard. Whether the flag belongs to the crab-mutants, the oppressive government, the tiki heads, or Voldo’s merry band of insane freaks, none can say, but it’s obvious that the robots have won this round.



On day 19, Voldo put Conan O’Brien into the shrink ray and turned him into a smirking dwarf. A smirking dwarf with a passion for murder.

Seriously, when did Lego start doing little dwarf legs? That freaked me out a little.