Dude #2 in my massive crossstitch group-shot of cute video game characters is revealed: Raichu. Or, I guess, a raichu. He’s a pokémon (in case you’re one of the few people who both a) can’t identify pokémon on sight, and b) read my blog); more specifically, he’s sort of the adult version of Pikachu, with a taller and thinner body and more muted color palette. I prefer him to Pikachu, because he’s a bit less… “twee”, I suppose. He also has a cooler tail, although someone is standing in front of his tail in this scene, and you can’t really see it.

He’s not my favorite pokemans, but he’s probably in the top three. Also, I needed a character who was looking sort of upward, the reason for which will be apparent when you see the next guy.



Back from the San Diego Comic-Con! I didn’t take many pictures this year, but here’s one. I didn’t know what it was for a long time, and eventually had to go up and ask one of the guys working there — turns out it’s Odin’s throne from Marvel’s new Thor movie. The actual set piece they used. It’s pretty fucking huge. And shiny.

The guy also mentioned that Anthony Hopkins is playing Odin. I was surprised, but not as surprised as I was when the dude laid the next bombshell on me: the movie is being directed by Kenneth Branagh. Kenneth fuckin “Henry V” Branagh is directing Marvel’s new superhero movie?

I am still kind of reeling from the mindblownness.



New cross-stitch project. This time I’m doing a group shot of a bunch of game characters I like — because they’re particularly cute, or fun, or representative of a game I particularly liked.

This first guy is a Clayman from Mother 3. He’s actually rather minty-greener than this photo turned out; I tried to use some software to do my color-picking this time, because there’s more than 150 colors in this project. Turns out software is not better at choosing colors than I am, so I get to do it all by hand. Fuuuuuuck.

Anyway I’d finished the Clayman by the time I made this decision, so he’s green instead of gray. Not a big deal, he looks pretty decent green, and the piece as a whole needed some more green in it.

If you’ve got a sharp eye, you can probably guess one of the characters standing near him. We won’t be getting to that dude for a while though.