My and Jenni’s entries to the TWIFcomp got posted! Well not actually; we were too late to enter for real. I never even heard about it until the other day. However, the contest organizer made some room on the site for late entries so people can still see them. You can even play them online! How sweet is that?

Oh, right, you probably don’t know what the TWIFcomp is. It’s a competition to create an IF game in no more than 140 characters of text, not including whitespace. All the code for the game, that is. The idea being, it’s a game you can fit in a Twitter post. Except not really, because whitespace counts on Twitter. But whatever.

140 characters is a surprisingly small number of characters.



MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck presents a lengthy recap of everything that’s happened so far. Here’s your chance to catch up and start reading MSPA if you haven’t been already.

And here’s the awesome video finale for Year 1. (Note that, unless you’ve seen a lot of the previous year or at least read the recap, ‘awesome’ is not the same thing as ‘comprehensible’.)

EDIT: A hyperlinked version of the recap was made for enhanced explanification. It’s here.