YouTube Favorites: The Cat With Hands

This is very Neil Gaiman / Dave McKean-ish, but I don’t think it’s actually related to either of them. You can basically ignore the idiotic “may find offensive” banner at the beginning. There’s nothing sexy or NSFW here. If you find yourself offen…

Oh snap.

Okay, I totally (and rightfully) got called out on that Skinny Puppy thing. My knowledge of their music is much less than comprehensive, and that youtube vid sounded pretty reasonable! In retrospect, I’m not even sure about that comparison to Coil…

RSS rules OK

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Bonus Videos

Here’s another Coil video (possibly COIL? I see it both ways and I dunno if the all-caps is official or not.) It’s their version (and their own video) for “Tainted Love”. Coil is a lot like Skinny Puppy, in that a lot of stuff is pure noise and ki…

Hellboy Camp!!

Oh my god. I wish I was seventeen again. Fuck canoe-paddling and hand-stitched wallets, man. Do you have a kid of camp age and want to permanently secure your title as Most Awesome Mom And/Or Dad Ever? This is how you do it.