YouTube Favorites: Do the Whirlwind

Right then! Here’s the next one. It’s a decent song by Architechture In Helsinki, a band I’ve never heard of before or since.

The reason it’s in my favorites list is: the animation was done by Paul Robertson, which is a name you might recognize from the Scott Pilgrim video game, or such illustrious videos as “Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006” and “Kings of Power 4 Billion%”.

And if you haven’t seen those either, well, I’ve added them to the favorites list, so we’ll come around to them in a few weeks.

WoW Update

Just wanted to let you know that my World of Warcraft character, a wolf-lady named Clawdia, is wearing a mask made out of a skinned wolf face, on top of her regular wolf face.


That is all.

Youtube Favorites: MSPA Clip Show Tribute, Part 1

This video will split viewers into two categories. 

If you have read MS Paint Adventures: Problem Sleuth in the past, you are probably now feeling gleefuly nostalgic, and you can click here to watch the rest of it in a youtube playlist. (Edit: for some reason, I can’t get that link to work properly. If it isn’t taking you to youtube, try right-clicking it and loading it in a new tab.)

The rest of you have no idea what the hell you just watched, in which case I recommend you click here and start reading Problem Sleuth. It will take some time, but it’s well worth it, particularly if you have a fondness for old-school adventure games and (later on in the story) Japanese RPG games.