Etrian Odyssey IV QR Codes

So Etrian Odyssey 4 came out, for everyone who’s into long and complicated Japanese RPGs where you have to draw your own map. Like me! It has a feature where you can use the 3DS camera to scan promotional QR codes and get free gear and extra sidequests. Naturally, the people who pay attention to […]

Modern cliché

You know that old cowboy/war movie trope of a guy getting shot, but he lives because the bullet hit his pocket bible, or a tintype photo of his girlfriend, or whatever? Yeah, that happened recently. Naturally the story is upgraded for modern times by having the fortuitous object be an iPhone. Presumably, the guy had […]

Metroid in 10 Minutes and Very Far Away

Testing WordPress’s “blong this!” widget. Perhaps it’ll cause me to post stuff more often. Who can say? This particular thing is a 10-minute tool-assisted speedrun of the original Metroid, with the video zoomed way out so you can see the whole map. (Sorry if this showed up in your RSS like three times. Had some […]


So, since I said I’d actually drop some content on you guys when I moved this page over to WordPress, I decided to give you a little photo tour of a spooooky graaaaveyaaaard I made in Minecraft. It’s after the page break.

Testing One Two.

Okay, I think I got it working. I think. Hopefully this post will show up in the WordPress RSS feed I subscribed the other day. If not, then bluhhhhh. Edit: It appears to have showed up in both feeds. Which is great, but I have no idea how that happened. The internet is just effin’ […]