So the Lego Design By Me thing is a little pricy — you pay an extra $15-20 over the base parts cost, and that parts cost seems to be the Pick-a-Brick prices, which are already above the average.

But, you get to design your own custom-printed box! That’s pretty cool. You get a custom-printed instruction manual, too.



Click through for Avatar: The Metacontextual Edition.

RIPLEY: This place is an extremely hostile jungle environment.

JUGHEAD: But if we can find the huge ape and bring it back to New York, we can call it the eighth wonder of the world and make a fortune on tickets.


JUGHEAD: Sorry, I got confused, because I have a feeling the next little while is going to be about wandering around a jungle being chased by one ridiculously hostile creature after another. Is there anything in this movie that isn’t derived from other movies?

RED-SHIRT: I keep it straight by remembering that the animals here are way more colourful.

RIPLEY: Who the fuck are you again?



You can’t really tell what’s going on here, because I was trying to take a picture of this guy without looking like I was taking a picture of this guy, while at the same time pulling out into traffic.

This is one of those guys you may have seen, standing on the street corner spinning an arrow-shaped sign around. Except, this particular guy is dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

No matter how stupid you think your job is, it doesn’t beat this guy’s job. This guy has the stupidest job in the world.



[S] Enter.

That’s right, it’s the video for the end of MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck: Act III. And it’s even more awesome than the one for the end of Act II, if you can believe it.

I hope to god you’ve been reading this comic, because there’s no way I can manage a recap this time. Far too much has happened. Maybe read my recap for Act II, and then read all of Act III? C’mon, it won’t take that long, and it’s totally worth it.

Or I guess you can click this link, and get your summary there, such as it is, crust-dry wiki style and all. But what fun is that? Come on. Read the comic.