Phoenix Comic Con


Sorry for the lack of updates. I basically alternated between busy and tired all weekend. Here’s the four pictures I took, though.

That R2-D2 is pretty awesome, I’ve seen him at other cons. Or at least I’ve seen an identical one. He’s the full nine yards, noises and all, and I’ve never managed to spot the guy with the remote control. Maybe Kenny Baker is actually inside there.

Kinder Eggs (53/150) Sahara Harry


Weirdly cool. His thin flexible feet flap as you push him along. I dunno that an alligator would go on safari though. I guess he could be a Louisiana swamp gator visiting a cousin in the Nile delta. Sort of a country mouse / city mouse deal. Except I imagine their lives would turn out to be pretty much the same.

Kinder Eggs (52/150) Giraffeocopter


Today we have one of those spinny whirlycopter things. It seems to work okay. It’d better! It’s only one of the simplest damn machines that exist.

I couldn’t give it a very rigorous test, because it started raining as soon as I finished putting it together. Considering that I live in the desert, this is probably some sort of sign.