A very impressive thing, but, as noted in the comments, you’re better off just buying a nice Lament Configuration on eBay if you want one. That is, unless for some reason you don’t already own Hellraiser 1 and 2.



This was a big poster up in the Viz booth. It’s a manga that’s not released yet; I took the pic to remind myself to keep an eye out for it, as it looks like something I might like.

Also “Black Gods” and “Black Butler”, similarly unavailable titles I saw at the Squenix booth. I think Black Butler has some kind of game coming out for it, or at any rate I saw footage of something incomprehensible that looked like it might be a game and it said Black Butler on it.

It’s ‘Black’ in the sense of “dark and mysterious”, by the way. The titular butler is naturally anime-pale.



I think this guy was from the Uglydolls booth. The dude inside there must’ve been roasting.

Someday, these mascots will all be played by robots, who will be easily led around and won’t mind the heat.

The eventual uprising and war will be adorable.