I wrote a weird little horror story

INTERVIEWER: We have in the studio tonight Dr. Alan Rigby, here to speak to us about a topic some of you may have heard of, that of circular diseases. Thank you for joining us, Doctor. DOCTOR: Thank you for having me, Chris. I don’t wish to cause panic or even undue alarm, but this is […]

RTM 1.1 Update

So after finishing Alpha Sapphire under my ridiculous Real Trainer Mode rules, I came to the conclusion that the rules concerning learning new moves are a bit harsh. Learning moves is an important choice that happens with a lot of frequency, so having so little control over it is a bit of a bummer. So […]

Soup of the Evening

So in looking for low-carb recipes for my crock pot/pressure cooker, I ran across one that looked good, so I modified it a bit for my own preferences and to make it a little low-carber. It turned out good. Damn good. So here’s the recipe: Chicken Bacon Broccoli Leek Chowder (which I have just now […]

Christmas Comics

By which I mean “comics I read over Christmas”, not “comics related to or in the spirit of Christmas”, because these are the opposite of that. Basically, I downloaded every interesting-sounding fan-translated horror manga they had at bakabt.me, and read a bunch of them on my fancy-schmancy new iPad. (My comics app of choice is […]

Pokémon RTM 1.4

New rule. I call it the “Gary Oak Is a Motherfucker” rule. The problem with Gary (and Pokérivals in general) is that a) they are very high level compared to other trainers you’ve dealt with leading up to that fight, and therefore will obliterate you if you aren’t ready for them, and b) they appear […]

Pokémon RTM 1.3

Discovered a problem with using the PC to temporarily store fainted pokémon so that they aren’t healed by the Nurse: turns out the PC also heals mons. That throws a bit of a wrench into things. New Rule: Assign a particular PC box to be Fainted Pokémon Storage. Rename the box accordingly, in games that […]

Pokémon: RTM 1.2

Blame @ZombieHam for this. SKILLS: 1) When a pokémon wishes to learn a new move (due to levelling up) but already has four moves, roll:   1: The move is not learned.    2-3: Roll again:       • 1-4: Replace the corresponding move. (re-roll if impossible [HM])       • 5: The move is not learned.       • 6: Replace the […]

Pokémon: RTM 1.1

I started testing out Real Trainer Mode on an ebay copy of Fire Red. Some early thoughts and rule adjustments: a) In PARTY.3 (withdrawing from the PC), change the 1 result to: “Roll for a random party member. If you roll a blank space, nothing happens and the withdraw is unsuccessful. Otherwise, the party member […]


(NOTICE: If you got here from Googling for Real Trainer Mode, what you probably want is this page. This one here is the old version.) So, as some of you are aware, I got super into the whole Twitch Plays Pokemon thing. At least for Gen I (Red), that is; I haven’t gotten into the […]