Unlockable Hat!

Hey, everyone who has this page RSS’d or who checks it regularly (don’t do that. Get RSS.)

Just a little note to let you know I’m doing some writing for Jenni’s new video games-oriented blog, Unlockable Hat. So you should go check that out and RSS it as well. Or just check it regularly. (Seriously, get RSS. Get a Google account and use Reader or something.)

He’s back! He’s back!

Update to the edit of the post-before-the-previous-post:

Dougie D., the guy behind the @petermolydeux twitter account, has apparently quit his job at Rockstar North and is dedicating the next six months to actually developing one of his genius ideas into a full-fledged game, called Project Mother. This is almost too exciting for me to deal with. Keep an eye on this one, gang.