RTM 1.1 Update

So after finishing Alpha Sapphire under my ridiculous Real Trainer Mode rules, I came to the conclusion that the rules concerning learning new moves are a bit harsh. Learning moves is an important choice that happens with a lot of frequency, so having so little control over it is a bit of a bummer. So I’ve modified those rules a bit, though I’m presenting it as an “optional easier version” for the moment, largely because I’m too lazy to update the rules file. This information has been added to the included Readme, though.

  1. Learning from an HM, TM, or NPC Teacher does not require a roll, you may choose which move to replace. (This will be your repair option if things get fucked up. Be sure to pick up those heart scales for the Deleter/Relearner.)
  2. When learning due to a level-up, if you do not want the new move, you may reject it without rolling (due to your trusty Training Stick).
  3. If you do want the new move, you must roll. On a high roll (4-6), you may decide what move to replace. On a low roll (1-3), the pokémon decides.
  4. Roll for the pokémon deciding:
    1-4: Replace that move.
    5: Pokémon is still deciding, roll again.
    6: Pokémon has decided that it doesn’t actually care after all. You may choose.
  5. If the pokémon decides to replace a move that you want to keep, you may still choose to use the Training Stick and reject the new move entirely, keeping your old moves.

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