ermagerd cersterch

So remember that cross-stitch thing I was working on two and a half years ago, and then stopped when I was about 90% finished? Well, I finally got around to picking it back up again.

This is a Prinny from the Disgaea games. They are the souls of dead criminals, who have gone to hell and been given the bodies of penguins. Penguins that explode when you kick them.

Unfortunately, the color palette in Disgaea is kind of muted and desaturated, which made the color-matching for this guy the real hell (har). I guess he came out okay, but I wish I could have found a slightly lighter blue-gray for the main body color. He doesn’t look as nice as Wooper, that’s for sure.

Anyway, just two more characters left.

Xstitch: Oddish!


Bam! Yet another Pokemon. This is the last one, though. Three characters left!

Oddish is a gleeful little fella. He reminds me of Burble, a character from a late-90s webcomic called Fluble. Burble was, I think, an anthropomorphic tomato; personality-wise he was like Max from Sam & Max, but the violence replaced with Dada.

One thing I wonder about: Oddish is a radish, right? Because I’ve never seen a radish that color. Do the Japanese have some sort of special black radish?

Xstitch: Psyduck!


Naturally Psyduck had to be in here somewhere. He was my forum avatar for ages and his baffled facial expression never fails to amuse.

It took me a couple days to get around to posting this, and I’m nearly half done with the next guy (behind whom Psyduck is hiding), so you’ll probably be seeing him soon. I’ve been watching a really good 100% LP of Deadly Premonition, so there’s been a lot of stitching going on.