So the way this works is: shitty cameraphone photo of a bottle of something, and a thing from my desk. This is a bottle of ???capt???n Eli???s Blueberry Pop??? and a Skutter from Red Dwarf. Also shown: leatherman, junk mail. Smells like: very sweet artifi…

Soda Alert

Jenni and I went to Pop Soda and got a whole bunch of random stuff, so pictures and reviews of random sodas are going to be making up the majority of our blog posts for the next few days. Jenni???s will probably be more interesting ??? she picked soda…


Jenni hadn???t seen any of the Gorillaz videos, so here are a few. Note how Noodle gets appropriately older between the first album (the first two videos) and the second. That???s neat because it???s rare.


This is Tuesday???s post, but it still counts because I haven???t gone to bed yet. That???s my new rule ??? it???s not tomorrow till I sleep. Not much to report, except that we 5-manned Onyxia. That was pretty sweet.