Life in the World of Warcraft, part 2

“All right, I smashed exactly five of the hundreds of dragon eggs down there. I was going to go ahead and do some more, but for some reason I just found myself unable to. Also there was some guy down there in crazy black spiky armor; he seemed pretty evil, so I killed him. Here’s your axe back.”

“Thanks, adventurer! Now I just need you to go back down there and kill Warlord Zzakxsfakz, the cause of all this horror! You’ll know him by his crazy black spiky armor.”

“… But… but I…”

“I’ll give you a present!

“Oh, all right.”


“Okay, I killed him. Again.”

“Thanks! As a reward for your amazing heroism, I’ll give you my single most valuable and revered family heirloom! It’s either a sword, a crossbow, leather pants, or a cloth hat.”

“I’ll take the sword, but frankly the one I’ve got is better. Can I sell this back to you?”

“Sure, I’ll give you one gold piece for it.”

Life in the World of Warcraft

“Adventurer! Thank the gods you’ve arrived! The dragons are laying their eggs in the valley below! There’s dozens upon dozens of them, and if they hatch, we’re royally fucked! I need you to take this magical axe and go smash up five eggs.”

“…Just five?”

“Yeah, five’s plenty.”

“I could do more. I don’t mind.”

“Nah, it’s cool.”