And following on from the previous, the R??yksopp track you???re probably most likely to have heard before, with another excellent video.


Some more Paul Robertson for you. This one???s a video for ???Do the Whirlwind???, by a band called ???Architecture in Helsinki???. This, sadly, was the most hi-res version of it I could find.


Here???s another literal video. I don???t think it???s as good as the one below (or the original), but it has its moments. And Jenni likes Billy Idol.

Life in the World of Warcraft, part 2

???All right, I smashed exactly five of the hundreds of dragon eggs down there. I was going to go ahead and do some more, but for some reason I just found myself unable to. Also there was some guy down there in crazy black spiky armor; he seemed pre…

Life in the World of Warcraft

???Adventurer! Thank the gods you???ve arrived! The dragons are laying their eggs in the valley below! There???s dozens upon dozens of them, and if they hatch, we???re royally fucked! I need you to take this magical axe and go smash up five eggs.??? ??????Just …

A bilious interlude.

So I mentioned that ComicZeal iPhone app recently, the comic book e-reader thing. I???ve been reading a lot of manga on it, and a lot of it is fan-translated stuff. For the most part, it???s okay. Generally could use some more careful proofreading, bu…


Well, tonight we finally managed to take down Kel???Thuzad! Go us! (For those not in the know: Kel???Thuzad is the last boss of Naxxaramaxxaraxxus, and thus the last boss of World of Warcraft as it currently stands.*) It was pretty down to the wire, t…