Hey, you know that game VVVVVV? Surely you’ve heard of it. It’s a pretty good game! I’m not very good at twitchy jumpy games, so I only played enough to finish the main story, and didn’t go for 100% completion. But what I played was quite enjoyable — frequent checkpoints and fast respawns go a surprisingly long way toward relieving the anger inherent in jumping-puzzle deaths. The game’s central mechanic is very simple, but the levels are quite cleverly constructed. Plus there’s some nice exploration, especially if you’re going for a better completion percentage.

Here it is on Steam. There’s a free demo.

Here’s a gameplay video, if you’ve haven’t played the game you should at the very least watch this:

Take note of the music in that gameplay video. It’s pretty sweet, right? I love a good chiptune, and this game has some fantastic chiptunes. Fortunately, there’s also a soundtrack album you can buy. If you like chiptunes, get this. Here’s a preview page if you don’t believe me.

Now, the reason that any of this is news, is that the composer, SoulEye, has released an album of all the VVVVVV music arranged for and played on actual musical instruments. Here’s a teaser video with some samples. It seems okay, but personally it’s not for me. The electronic chiptune sound is a big part of what I like about chiptunes.

However, even I can recognize that this is pretty awesome:

I heard about this from Rock, Paper, Shotgun. If you’re into this sort of thing, you really should be reading that site. Tell them I sent you!
They won’t know what you’re talking about.

One thought on “WWW

  1. Brilliant. I love piano arrangements of game music and chiptunes are really cool to turn into "real" music :)

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