Metroid in 10 Minutes and Very Far Away

Testing WordPress’s “blong this!” widget. Perhaps it’ll cause me to post stuff more often. Who can say? This particular thing is a 10-minute tool-assisted speedrun of the original Metroid, with the video zoomed way out so you can see the whole map. (Sorry if this showed up in your RSS like three times. Had some […]

Liquid Television

Holy shit, you guys. Holy fucking shit. Mtv has set up a site and posted all (maybe not all? But an assload of) the clips and shorts from the old Liquid Television series. Including Aeon Flux* — not just the original shorts, but the full episodes…

Twin Peaks 2600

Two posts in the same day! An embarassment of riches! Well, being that I’m not just a video game nerd but also a huge Twin Peaks fan, I can’t not post this. It’s an Atari 2600-style game, based on Special Agent Dale Cooper’s adventures in the Blac…

Dark Meadow Launch Trailer

Via Touch Arcade comes this trailer for an awesome-looking game, even more so when you consider the platform: iPhone. Yep, this is an iOS game, same engine as used for Infinity Blade, I guess. Pretty sweet! Comes out in a month or so.

Dub of the North Star

This is pretty good. Reminds me of Yugioh: The Abridged Series, or Sealab 2021. This is the second episode — the first one is okay but not as good as this one. Hopefully they keep going. “Billy Bitchcakes” is a pretty great name.