Hey look at this thing.

Whoo yeah, haven’t posted here in a while. Busy, busy, busy. Got this thing I wanna spread the word about though — a really sweet-looking PC/Mac/iOS video game Kickstarter thing. Sounds friggin sweet, and check out that journal — feelies, mmmmm….

Twin Peaks 2600

Two posts in the same day! An embarassment of riches! Well, being that I’m not just a video game nerd but also a huge Twin Peaks fan, I can’t not post this. It’s an Atari 2600-style game, based on Special Agent Dale Cooper’s adventures in the Blac…

Dark Meadow Launch Trailer

Via Touch Arcade comes this trailer for an awesome-looking game, even more so when you consider the platform: iPhone. Yep, this is an iOS game, same engine as used for Infinity Blade, I guess. Pretty sweet! Comes out in a month or so.