Kinder Eggs (6/150) LKW mit F??rderband


Goddamnit, a truck. I knew I was gonna have to think of something funny to say about a plastic truck at some point. What the hell is funny about a plastic truck?

I guess there’s the fact that the handle on the conveyor belt-crank is bigger than the guy that would be driving the vehicle. That’s kind of funny. A little bit.

What kind of machine is this, anyway? I’ve never seen one in real life. The picture shows it working in tandem with a cement mixer; I guess it’s for transporting the fresh cement up to the top of the wall where the bricklayers are working? Do people still stack bricks by hand like that? It seems like they would’ve figured out a machine to do it by now. But even so, an entire truck for the sole purpose of getting the cement up to the top of the wall seems terribly inefficient. A unitasker, as Alton Brown would snort derisively.

Stupid truck, I hate you. What’s funny about you? Nothing! Stupid dumb truck.

A truck used for hauling cement
resulted in strife and dissent.
The boring contraption
was less a distraction
than watching a dead dog ferment.

There! All you get is a dumb limerick. Blame the truck!

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