Lego AdventUres 03/05/11



Cindy: “Jesus, how old is that loaf of bread?”

Femme de Pain: “Assez vieux pour écraser votre crâne, conasse!”

Cindy: “I didn’t get a word of that, but I’m pretty sure you called me something I wouldn’t like if I knew what it was.”

Guy: “Eat stainless-steel travel mug, bitch! Bon appétit!”


Sir Nigma: “Here comes the cavalry!”

Femme de Pain: “Sacré merde!”

Cindy: “Ed! And Courierbot! We’d wondered where you’d gotten to.”

Courierbot: “I heard you and Marty talking about your hometown, and thought maybe I could find some extra hands. Sorry it took so long — it turned out that wizard transported you guys a hell of a distance.”

Cindy: “Well, you’re back in the nick of time!”

Sir Nigma: “Naturally! That’s dramatic narrative for you!”


Bolt Head: “URRRGH! KILLLL!”

Rex: “Grrrr! Bark bark bark!”

Bolt Head: “doggie?”


Bolt Head: “ha ha ha good doggie!”


Billy: “Holy shit!”

Janet: “Billy! You said a bad word! What’s the– oh fuck!

Keith: “I don’t wanna have to hurt anyone! I just want my ears back!”

Phil: “How did you get in here?”

Keith: “Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but there’s kind of a lot going on outside? People are kind of distracted? Now give me my briefcase!”

Janet: “What do you want with a bunch of ears anyway? That’s really gross, mister!”

Keith: “Look, everybody needs a hobby, okay? I like collecting ears! They’re all different, some of them have sparkly earrings, and it’s a challenge to get new ones — they’re the perfect collectible.”

Janet: “I collect Pokémon, I bet they’re a lot more fun than your gross ears. I’ve got a shiny Mewtwo, it took me ages to catch him!”

Billy: “I collect rare World of Warcraft mounts.”

Keith: “World of Warcraft? I never played it, but I heard the new expansion is pretty good.”

Billy: “Yeah! I installed it on these computers when Marty wasn’t looking. I have a pretty friendly raiding guild if you want in!”

Keith: “…Okay.”


Psycho: “Oof! Okay, okay, I surrender.”

Cindy: “Marty! Look who’s here! It’s–“

Marty: “Cindy! Look out!


Voldo: “Hissssss!

Cindy: “Ahh!

Sir Nigma: “Hey!”

Voldo: “Hisssssss!”

Sir Nigma: “Oof!”

Marty: “No!”



Voldo: “Shit.”


Sir Nigma: “Cindy!”

Cindy: “Ugggh… hey, Ed. Could you maybe put some pressure on where my hand used to be, so I don’t leak everywhere?”

Sir Nigma: “Hang on, I’ll get you to a doctor.”

Cindy: “Is the pain making me hallucinate, or is something really weird going on over there?”

Sir Nigma: “I forgot to mention it before, but Marty is one-quarter Saiyan. On his mother’s side.”

Cindy: “Oh, that’s fine then. Yeah, let’s get to the hospital before I bleed out.”

Sir Nigma: “On the bright side, maybe you can get a sweet pirate hook.”

Cindy: “Ooh! That would be pretty rad. I’ll think about it while I pass out from shock.”

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