Catherine Trailer

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Not gonna be able to do the penultimate Lego AdventUres post today — I’m starting to get tasks assigned to me for the new game finally, so I was pretty busy today, and I’m going to bed early coz I am tired as hell. I don’t wanna just half-ass the new episode, you know?

So here’s the North American trailer for Atlus’s new game, Catherine. You may have seen this already, but hey. I’ve been following this one for a while, and I’m pretty interested to get hold of the finished product, since from what I hear, this is one of those rare games with a mature story, where ‘mature’ doesn’t mean “the main character says ‘fuck’ a lot and you can totally saw a dude in half”. The game’s by the same team that did the Persona games, and I’ve been pretty impressed by their writing and characterizations that I’ve seen so far.

I’m not sure if the gameplay is gonna wow me though. It’s a puzzle game, it turns out? A sort of combination of climbing and Sokoban? That could be fun. It could also really suck. I’m open, though. I’m down with puzzles. It sure beats the hell out of yet another cover-based shooter.

Anyway! Here’s a full preview over at Destructoid.

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