Gemini Rue

I just finished playing it, and I recommend it highly. It’s a classic-style point-and-click, with an excellent gritty noir sci-fi story, and a very nice art style — a sort of combination of straight pixel art and sketchy hand-drawn art converted to pixels.

I’m glad that pixel art is sticking around in the indie scene. I’ve always felt it was much more evocative then detailed high-res art. By just providing a sort of outline of what you’re looking at, it leaves you more room to fill in the rest with your own imagination, and that makes a deeper connection. You feel what things look like, instead of just seeing it, dig?

The voice acting is pretty terrible, at least assuming it doesn’t get any better after the first scene. I wouldn’t know, because halfway through the first scene I quit out to the options menu and turned it off. There’s all subtitles, though, so you’re not missing anything by turning it off.

If you’re a Mac user, good news! It runs flawlessly in Crossover Games and presumably regular old Wine. There’s a demo if you want to try-before-you-buy, just in case, but I didn’t have any problems.

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