Hey Tumblr! Get bent!


Welcome to the shiny new Minimum Safe Distance, powered by Posterous.

I’ve been increasingly annoyed with Tumblr — it is constantly going down, the html editing tools just don’t fucking work, and it’s been like that for ages with no sign of improvement. Oh but hey, they have a funny new picture for their “Our Server Is Down” page! Look, it has cute little monsters, and they’re — ha! ha! ha! — they’re eating the servers!


See that? That was the last straw. There it went!

I am liking this shiny new Posterous thing, though. It converted the whole Tumblr site in minutes, seems to have set everything up beautifully, I like the new visual theme a lot, and the editing and posting tools seem way slick. Plus it has integrated comments instead of having to deal with whateverthefuck I had to use on the Tumblr. Which means that comments on all the old posts are lost, but… oh well. We’ll make some new comments, right gang?

I might, if I get really bored industrious, even go back and add tags for all the old posts. It seems pretty simple! Remember the “tags under construction” in the sidebar in Tumblr? That was because it required some crazy bullshit I don’t even remember or care to go look up.

Anyway: the blog is dead! Long live the blog!

9 thoughts on “Hey Tumblr! Get bent!

  1. I think I’ll join you. Tumblr is a joke (and not one of those funny ones). It is a shame that your old Tumblr followers won’t be able to see and chilly related updates if they don’t move to Posterous; are you going to link your Tumblr so that any updates to you Posterous will post to both? Also on another note, how the fuck can you put up with Homestuck? Do you think that its quality rivals it predecessor, Problem Sleuth?

  2. I left a post on the Tumblr directing followers to the RSS feed. I guess that’s not a solution for everybody, but for anyone who doesn’t use RSS: come on! It’s great!I would say Homestuck is, on the whole, at least as good as Problem Sleuth (assuming you’re down with extreme wordiness). The flash movies regularly blow me away. It’s not as joke-filled as PS was (though you could argue it has just as many jokes, just spread further out and with more story in between) but I think the characters and intriguingness of the story make up for it. The downside, of course, is that if you haven’t been following it since the beginning, there’s basically no hope of catching up.

  3. I got bored just after ‘the Intermission’ it was so much better than what was happening in Homestuck that I got angry when it ended. I might try and catch up at some point but It really didn’t catch me that way that PS did. I Don’t know if it’s the lack of jokes that bothered me, or the fact that I didn’t care for any of the characters that the story was centred around. The dudes Dad was a lot more interesting to me that the princess bitch, for example. And then something about trolls happened and I got angry and rage quit. Maybe I’m just too cynical to ‘get it’.

  4. There is, down at the bottom, but it doesn’t include any of the old posts transferred from Tumblr. You can get to them by scrolling down and going page to page, but… eeesh. I’ve sent an email to Posterous’s support crew, hopefully it’s a thing that can be fixed. The old posts seem to have correct datestamps, so I don’t see why not.In the meantime, you could use the archive at the old site instead — it still exists, it’s just not connected to the custom domain any more. http://minimumsafedistance.tumblr.com/

  5. Sorry for the late reply. All I see in the sidebar is comics, blogs, podcasts, and subscribe. Maybe the archives you see are for managing posts? Which would explain why the exported ones aren’t in there.

  6. It doesn’t show up when you’re viewing an individual post like this one, but if you go to the main Minimum Safe Distance page it should be there. Hang on, lemme log out and make sure it’s not a thing only I can see. No, yeah, it’s good. Underneath the list of tags.

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