Normal service resumes

Sorry if you just got a ton of bullshit in your RSS reader, I was testing and configuring this Posterous iPhone app. Not only do I get sweet HD photos now, but I can snap em and send em without having to resize them in photoshop first! Fuckin A!

New phone.

I got a new phone. Holy fuck, will you look at the pictures it takes! It can focus! And zoom! And flash! It’s almost like a real camera, instead of an oatmeal box with a hole in one end. Now watch me pull a third messengeroo to commemorate.

Lego AdventUres Postscript

I’ve gone back and tagged all the old Lego AdventUres posts, including the 2009 ones which weren’t narrative, but became the backstory to 2010 Calendars B and C. So, if you’d like to revisit the old stuff, or read it for the first time if you’re n…

Hey Tumblr! Get bent!

Welcome to the shiny new Minimum Safe Distance, powered by Posterous. I’ve been increasingly annoyed with Tumblr — it is constantly going down, the html editing tools just don’t fucking work, and it’s been like that for ages with no sign of impro…