James Lipton: “Hello there, internetophiles! I’m celebrity host of Inside the Actors Studio James Lipton. I’m not actually here as part of this story, but since I happened to pop up in the calendar today, I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you about a much better story, which Riff shamelessly ripped this idea off. Of. Off of which Riff ripped this idea. Shamelessly.”

James Lipton: “That story is the X-Entertainment.com yearly Christmas advent calendar, starring me! James Lipton! And some other people as well. Including a jolly fellow known as Mista Snowman, from whom the personality of Guardbot is pretty obviously stolen. Did I already use the word shamelessly?”

James Lipton: “Admittedly, there are two definite changes that Riff has made from the X-E formula: only having one picture per update, because he’s extremely lazy, and using his incredibly shitty iPhone 3G camera, because he’s incredibly lazy. So a least there’s that!”

James Lipton: “Here’s a link to the first day of 2007’s Advent Calendar. They are kind of a bitch to navigate, because it doesn’t seem like X-E’s Matt has made any provisions for easy post-event viewing, at least not any I’ve been able to find. But the URLs seem pretty standardized, and you can just change the year and day to move around.”

James Lipton: “So, in conclusion, if you have enjoyed this Lego AdventUre, I recommend you take a look at X-Entertainment as well. Thank you.”

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