Guy: “So! It appears we have ze visitors! Sent to me by my old comrade Voldo, n’est-ce pas?”

Keith: “Is that a bloodstained steel travel mug?”

Hairbrush Santa: “Shh!”

Femme de Pain: “Oui, Voldo nous vous a envoyé au retruit de nouveau dans ses rangs. Les robots se sont affaiblis, et nous attaquerons la ville bientôt.”

Guy: “Oh mon! Une belle dame de ma patrie! Madame, je vous suivrai n’importe où. Est-ce que c’est une baguette véritable que je vois dans votre main?”

Femme de Pain: “Si vous touchez mon pain, vous retirerez un tronçon sanglant.”

Guy: “Je pense que je suis dans l’amour!”

Keith: “I am becoming resigned to the fact that I will never know what the hell is going on.”

Guy: “Fear not, Monsieur… Keith, was it? In essence, le belle dame has explained to me ze situation, and I have agreed to join you. My henchmen will take care of my operations here while I travel with you to find ze others.”

Keith: “Sweet, thanks. Maybe you can translate for Femme de Pain while we’re on the road, if she doesn’t kill you.”

Guy: “To bear zis sweet mademoiselle’s words upon my lips would be ze greatest honor!”

Keith: “See, I haven’t known her for very long, but I’m pretty sure it’s exactly that sort of talk that is going to get you killed.”

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