Keith: “What happened to the ground?”

Hairbrush Santa: “The new calendar is vertically-oriented, like a book, so it doesn’t provide a playmat.”

Keith: “This looks like… is this a blueprint for someone’s Minecraft landscaping?”

Hairbrish Santa: “Mmmmaybe.”

Fireman: “Hold it right there! Tell me who the hell you are and what you’re doing here or I’ll cut you in half! I might do it anyway! VRRRRROOOOOM!”

Keith: “Looks like this is the place.”

Femme de Pain: “Voldo nous a envoyés. Nous sommes ici pour parler avec Guy.”

Fireman: “I don’t speak Babelfish French. DO – YOU – SAVVY – ENGLISH?”

Femme de Pain: “Faites-vous ‘savvy’ mon pied vers le haut de votre âne?

Keith: “All right, I better just step in here. Voldo sent us, and we’re here to talk to Guy.”

Fireman: “Huh. Well, I buy the chick and the old guy in the thong as being psychos, but you look perfectly normal.”

Keith: “I lost my severed ear collection in a botched infiltration. I’m still pretty bummed about it, and would have preferred not to be reminded.”

Fireman: “Okay, that’s weird enough to pass. I’ll go see if the boss is in.”

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