Phil: “Marty, I am worried about a forthcoming psycho invasion.”

Marty: “Worried? Man, that’s one hell of an understatement. I tried turning Panicbot back on for a minute, and all he did was scream. And since he doesn’t have to pause to inhale, it was quite a thing.”

Cindy: “What are we going to do? Should we try to hunt down some of those big-name psychos before the ear guy and his crew find them?”

Marty: “Well, even if we knew where to look, and got there first, then what? Assassinate them? Even if I wasn’t terrified of those guys, that’s not really my style.”

Cindy: “So what, then?”

Marty: “I guess we just shore up the town’s defenses. Like in Magnificent Seven, you know? I’m just finishing up a new Lookoutbot here, so that should help. Let’s see, what else did they do in Magnificent Seven?”

Billy: “Get killed when a traitor let a bunch of the bad guys into town.”

Marty: “That is not at all a helpful comment.”

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