Hey look at this thing.

Whoo yeah, haven’t posted here in a while. Busy, busy, busy.

Got this thing I wanna spread the word about though — a really sweet-looking PC/Mac/iOS video game Kickstarter thing.

Sounds friggin sweet, and check out that journal — feelies, mmmmm. They’re kinda floundering, though, because initially they were gonna do iOS only, and it turns out there isn’t enough interest to pull half a mil for that single platform.So they changed their minds, with two weeks and $400k to go.

So help me spread the word around, eh? I’d like to see this thing get made.

Here’s some other kickstarter stuff I’m backing that you might be interested in:

The Ultimate Clicky Pen
Lucid Dreaming Gizmo
New Shadowrun game fuck yeah!

One thought on “Hey look at this thing.

  1. This looks fucking awesome. Tweet it out on the Video Games Hot Dog account. Talk about it on the podcast! I gave them $10.

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