Image by Ryan Veeder

Hey! Now that we’re back up and running, I wanted to link you guys to a couple things. 

First, the big IF tribute album to They Might Be Giants’ Apollo 18 is out. You may have already heard about this, if you’ve listened to the newest episode of Video Games Hot Dog. Or not! I wasn’t on it this week, and haven’t heard it myself, so I don’t actually know if they mentioned it. But it is a pretty sweet thing — every song from the album has been used as the basis for an IF game by a different author. Jenni did Dinner Bell, and it’s pretty great! And I’m not just saying that because I’m her boyfriend and beta-tester.

The other plug I have to plug (into a plug) is my dad’s Kickstarter project. I don’t really expect the audience for it to overlap much (if at all) with the audience for this blog, but you never know. Basically, he’s helping this Pittsburgh filmmaker named Jeff Monohan gather funds for a film in which a variety of people — actors, musicians, singers, etc. — each read one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. The fundraising is to allow them to film in a better variety of locations, sign bigger-name people, and such as like that. So, if Shakespeare is a thing that you like at all — if your reaction to this was “Oh huh.” and not “Wat zzzzzz.” — then maybe consider chucking in a couple bucks? Or at least pass the link on to someone you know who might be even more interested.

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