Xstitch: Oddish!


Bam! Yet another Pokemon. This is the last one, though. Three characters left!

Oddish is a gleeful little fella. He reminds me of Burble, a character from a late-90s webcomic called Fluble. Burble was, I think, an anthropomorphic tomato; personality-wise he was like Max from Sam & Max, but the violence replaced with Dada.

One thing I wonder about: Oddish is a radish, right? Because I’ve never seen a radish that color. Do the Japanese have some sort of special black radish?

4 thoughts on “Xstitch: Oddish!

  1. Since you appear to be almost finished you should perhaps take up crocheting next? Perhaps a discworld miniature? :)http://www.planetjune.com/blog/discworld-update/

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