Kinder Egg #44: Reise Nach Utopia


Okay. The four of you who have been following this nonsense closely may have noticed I haven’t been keeping up the egg-per-day pace over the last week or so.

I am forced to admit that I’m getting tired of it. There’s just too many of these toys that aren’t interesting enough to write anything about. It’s been a real drag forcing myself to write something anyway, and I can’t imagine it’s been fun to read either. I shouldn’t be filling peoples’ RSS feeds with garbage if they were nice enough to add me in the first place. My followers are beautiful people, and you deserve better.

So, new plan: I’m continuing to open an egg every day, but I’m not going to bother posting it unless either (a) It’s visually interesting enough that it merits a picture, in which case I’ll probably just post the picture and little to no commentary, or (b) I have something to say about it, or it inspired me to write a little story, or whatever, in which case you’ll get a full post.

My guesstimate is that this will work out to approximately a picture every other day, and a full post once a week. I guess we’ll see!

9 thoughts on “Kinder Egg #44: Reise Nach Utopia

  1. I’m still following, hoping to see the cool vehicles they have.I recently jumped on eBay and found a couple of the hovercraft and one ferry, as well as a float plane.Fact is I wish I had thought of this daily Kinder blogging myself. It wasn’t until I started reading that I knew people on ebay were selling these off by the hundreds in a box for a reasonable price.Sean.

  2. I would actually like to see at least 2-3 pics of EVERY toy, no matter if you found it visually compelling or not, Riff.

  3. I’m supportive of this decision, but I have to say I’m intrigued by the connection of this car to "Reise Nach Utopia."

  4. Reise is German for "race," right? And nach is German for "knock?" I’m gonna have to look up what utopia is German for though.

  5. no, "nach" is a preposition that defines direction. in current scope it would be "Race to utopia"."Utopia" on english is still "Utopia".

  6. …y’know, I wondered when posting that comment if it was obvious I was joking, or if I was setting myself up for Round 2 of Riff’s dad explaining to me that chopsticks are more of an Asian thing, and they don’t tend to use them in Ethiopia. I will try harder next time. (Not knowing from German, though, I actually had no idea what "nach" meant, so thank you! : ) )

  7. huh… well, i did fall in for your set up, even not being the target of it. :)i guess i was thrown away by the correctness of the first word. which, by the way, was my mistake, race would be Rennen. Reise is more of "journey" or "travel".

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