Kinder Egg #45: Space Tube Glider


Here’s an odd thing. Some kind of glider? I guess?

I tried it out though, and it doesn’t fly much better than, say, a pencil.

In more general news, the poster (okay, I’ll actually be a good blogger and open the post in another tab and see what the name was: it was dukebg) who requested pics of all the toys regardless of their interestingness may get his wish. The reason being, I can’t tell if the toy is good or not before I take it out of the egg, but doing only the one shot of the finished product (like I did here and yesterday) doesn’t seem as fun as having the in-egg and disassembled shots as well. To get those, though, I’ll have to photograph the toy before I know what it actually is. And if I’m taking those pictures anyway, I might as well post them.

So I guess you’ll be seeing everything, but there may or may not be any text attached.

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