Kinder Eggs (37/150) Krabbelk??fer


Here’s the one for today. A giant beetle. Not much to shout home about, but he does have a clever bit of engineering in his wheels — they’re an unusual sort of slanted shape, which pushes against the legs as they turn, causing the legs to move back and forth, which in turn move the antannae. Interesting. I took an extra picture so you can sort of see what’s going on there.

Not much else to say about it. In other news, if any of you have Playstation Network accounts, better keep an eye on your credit card for a while.

2 thoughts on “Kinder Eggs (37/150) Krabbelk??fer

  1. I LOVE this series on the Kinder Eggs. In Canada we used to get those, but they’re hard to come by in the US. I had NO idea people were selling boxes of the capsules on eBay.I find the industrial design of these things fascinating!Are you interested in selling off any of the toys inside? There was a nice yacht that I would be quite interested in.Perhaps I’d trade you for a set of Feelies for my so-far-disastrously-critiqued "The Promise" in the Spring Thing…?Sean.

  2. I kind of don’t want to think about giving these away to people until I’ve finished the project, because the thought of having to manage who wants what and where I have to send them makes me cringe and "until I’ve finished the project" is a convenient length of time I can put it off. I sure do like feelies though. Ummm ask me again when we’re nearer to 150?

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