Kinder Eggs (35/150) Detroit Wheels


Whup, nearly forgot to post. I got caught up watching Time Bandits instead. What a great movie.

Anyone else see that when you were a kid? And spend like the next month pushing on your bedroom wall, just in case? I know I did. And man those guys had the best hats.

Anyway, kinder egg. It’s a car. Hooray.

Well, that’s not fair. I shouldn’t sell it short, because it’s actually a pretty awesome car. Check out the fins on that fireapple red puppy. This is the car your Grandpa drove when he was in his 20’s and kind of a badass.

I also continue to be pleased with the engineering that goes into these things — it’s a really solid little plastic car, particularly when you take into account the fact that it’s longer than the egg it has to fit into.

Looking at this sweet car, is it any wonder I get pissed when I get a friggin’ fifteen-piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle? I’m not even a kid! These toys aren’t meaningful to me; all of them but the hexapus and the crazy-ass rat pencil-box have gone straight into a cardboard storage bin as soon as I post these… posts. But imagine if you were like nine years old, your mom buys you and your brother each a Kinder Egg, and your asshole brother gets this sweet hot-rod while you get a cardboard jigsaw puzzle featuring a fucking chimpanzee?

Jesus I don’t even have any siblings and the thought of it makes my blood boil.

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