Kinder Eggs (34/150) Crappy Jigsaw Redux


“Oh great,” I thought, “another crappy jigsaw. Oh well, at least I can try the thing I thought of before, where I combine the pieces with the previous jigsaw to make something new…”

“… Oh wait. No I can’t, because this is the same goddamn puzzle as last time.”


Got a bunch of new comments in the various comments sections at least. That’s cool. All the comments go to my email, so even if you’re commenting on an older article I do read and appreciate them all, even if I can’t immediately think of anything to reply, put it off ’till later, and then forget entirely. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Speaking of jigsaw puzzles, you might enjoy looking at this. Artist Chris Yates makes some really beautiful-looking hand-cut wooden jigsaws. Sadly, all the really interesting ones are sold already, but they’re still cool to look at. Apparently he’s doing a run of new ones based on popular webcomics this couple weeks, so keep an eye out if you’re into that kind of thing.

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