Kinder Eggs (33/150) Krake


Oh man, I nearly forgot to post this. It’s been sitting on my desk all day, but after I got done with work, I started playing Minecraft. This is because Jenni was in the living room playing Minecraft, which reminded me of how much I like Minecraft, and now that I’m mostly finished with the single-player campaign in Portal 2 (two chapters of developer commentary left to see), it’s time to check out the new update in Minecraft. Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft.

So anyway, I put the last finishing touches on my mansion, moved my giant herd of tamed wolves into a kennel in the basement, and stood in my zen-garden gazebo and watched the rain. It was beautiful. Now I’m building a minecart station in the attic, which will ramp down a spiral track into a glass tower and then along the bottom of the sea. Pretty sweet!

Anyway, Kinder Eggs.

This Kinder Egg is pretty excellent, you guys! Check out that octopus! I can’t think of a single word that describes him better than this one: delightful. This octopus is delightful. The fact that he only has six legs just makes him even moreso.

Okay the sun’s coming up in Minecraft, so I have to get back to working on the glass tower.

4 thoughts on “Kinder Eggs (33/150) Krake

  1. Riff, i’m surprised you didn’t try to connect those legs in a different way to make astonishing and/or unspeakable objects.

  2. @tylercrosby I think Riff mentioned near the start that it was only the full egg (i.e. covered in chocolate) that was illegal to import. Once it’s out of it’s shell, the capsule just counts as a toy not a foodstuff.

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