Kinder Eggs (32/150) Sailrocket


Today’s is a new-style egg. Naturally, since I ranted about the crappy quality of the new eggs only yesterday, the new egg I opened today turned out to be awesome. This is how the universe works.

Look at that thing! It looks like James Bond’s sailboat. It’s possibly the most inherently-contradictory-looking thing I’ve ever seen. Sailboating is a quiet, relaxing, leisurely activity, or at least that’s how I think of it. And here you’ve got sails on a craft that looks like it was engineered to travel at mach-1 and be invisible to radar. It looks like a boat that you would fire out of a gun.

“Pour me another daiquiri, Vesper, whilst I finish blowing up SPECTRE’s smuggling boats with this laser turret.”
“Here you are, James.”
“Cheers. Once we’re done here, what do you say we go do some sunbathing in the Cayman Islands? I believe this tug can get us there in about twenty-four seconds.”

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