It’s unlikely that anyone reading this blog isn’t already aware, but we’ve split the regular Thursday night KoL video games podcast into two parts, one about KoL in particular and one about video games in general. This benefits you, the video games podcast listening audience, because now you get the same amount of content, in twice as many downloads! How about that for a bargain, huh?

The new general podcast, Video Games Hot Dog, is now available from iTunes. Check it out, give it a listen, and hey if you really want to, you could click those stars and give us a rating. That would be pretty sweet.

5 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Is there a way that this will be available for podding software that does not use iTunes. I really hate that program so would rather not have to install it just to get easy access to this…And my phone does not synch with iTunes anyway (lucky me :) ).

  2. [url=http://shows.kingdomofloathing.com/ahd/videogameshotdog.xml]xml[/url][url=http://videogameshotdog.com/]mp3s[/url]smiley face : )Oh for fuck’s sake it wants me to log in because it thinks this is spam?

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