Kinder Eggs (29/150) Verkehrsstau


Parents are in town for the weekend and we’re gonna go visit some gigantic hole in the ground that I guess is famous for being a particularly gigantic example of a gigantic hole in the ground, so services are gonna be interrupted till probably monday (unless I take some good photographs, which could happen). But I leave you with this… thing.

I think it’s a tiny plastic diorama depicting the first time in history that a man sacrificed one of his children to a dragon. Grabbed the kid by the hair and just swung him at the monstrous beast. That’s the way you did it in those days. They hadn’t invented altars and shit yet.

And I would like to point out the fact that this object, which is obviously not at all any sort of toy, but just a strange thing to look at and maybe display on a shelf, is ten to fifteen times more fun than the previous object, which presented itself as a toy but was actually useless. In other words, a badly-designed and busted toy is a worse toy than an object that is not a toy in the first place.

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