More xstitch: Wooper


It’s Wooper! Hooray! He’s my newest favorite Pokémon.

You may be thinking, “Well, he’s cute, but all pokémon are cute. What’s so special about this one?”

What’s special is that, when you send him in to fight, he does something that just about no other pokémon does: he looks back over his shoulder at you, and makes a little “Uh, are you sure about this?” face. Like he’s thinking “You want me to fight that? It has giant fangs and claws and is literally on fire. I don’t even have arms.”


And he makes a little chirping noise that sounds like “uh-oh!”.

It’s the cutest motherfucking thing ever.

3 thoughts on “More xstitch: Wooper

  1. p.s. I think I found the thing that forces you to have a Posterous login to comment. I turned it off.

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