Kinder Eggs (14/150) Badminton Ghost


I went to a party, and it’s pretty late, and I don’t have a lot to say about this ghost playing badminton. He’s kinda cool, I guess. He’s cute. Apparently he changes color if you leave him in the sunlight, but it’s too dark to test that out.

I considered writing a story about, like, some kids at a beach party sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories, and one of them tells a story about how the beach is haunted by the ghost of a badminton player who I guess choked on a shuttlecock or something. But I couldn’t really get it to go anywhere, in my head. I’m tired.

He sort of looks like toothpaste.

I feel like the generic sheet-ghost shape means he’s forgotten who he was when he was alive, right? A ghost’s memories or morphogenetic field or whatever should cause it to retain its human shape. So this ghost no longer knows who he was or what’s preventing him from moving on to the next world. That’s sad. But! He can still enjoy a nice game of badminton! So it’s all okay, really.

Maybe that’s why he can’t move on to the afterlife. Maybe he belongs to an obscure religious sect that believes badminton is a sin.

Is badminton typically a beach sport? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone play badminton on the beach. Just volleyball. There’s no volleyball-playing ghosts in this picture.

I hope I get the one being attacked by crabs eventually. That one’s pretty funny.

Okay that’s all I got. Good night.

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