Kinder Eggs (13/150) Speed-liner


That is a massive-ass hovercraft. I guess it’s supposed to be like a hovercraft cruise liner? For extra speed? Because when you’re going on a relaxing cruise, it’s important that you get to your destination as quickly as possible.

Man I dunno. It was satsifying to put together, but other than that I got nothing. Looks like this hovercraft is a truck.

The purpose, it seems, of a cruise
is to lie in a deck-chair and snooze.
To speed up the joint
just misses the point;
If you get there too quickly, you lose.

This cruise ship that gets you there faster
is liable to end in disaster.
To lessen the weight,
they dumped all the freight,
and built half the hull out of plaster.

“The advantage of owning a hovercraft
instead of a sailboat or other craft:
you can run over peasants
without much unpleasant-
ness, and then wave,” the Queen Mother laughed.

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