XSitch: Mochi


The newest character in the Cute Video Game Character Sprites Group Shot Cross Stitch is Mochi, from the DS RPG Contact, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture — creator of many of the world’s finest and most insane video games, such as Killer7 and No More Heroes. Alas, Contact wasn’t directed by Suda51, but it’s quite good (and weird) all the same. For one, the game has no fourth wall — the protagonist (his name is Terry) is not “you”; Instead, you somehow have the ability to directly control Terry’s actions through your DS. The main NPC, The Professor, often speaks to you directly (from within his laboratory, which is much more low-resolution pixel-arty than the rest of the world), commenting on the way things are going, and hoping that Terry doesn’t figure out that he’s being manipulated in this fashion. Mochi is the Professor’s dog.

When you save the game, Terry takes a nap (the save points are beds), and while he sleeps you can play with Mochi for a minute, rubbing his belly and feeding him and so on. One of Terry’s spells (actually stickers) gets more powerful the more Mochi likes you.

Other than the Clayman, Mochi is the only character in this project who is looking directly at the camera.

He can see all of your secrets.

2 thoughts on “XSitch: Mochi

  1. Contact! That is a good game.I was very unsatisfied with the ending. It seems it would have been pretty trivial to have a save game at the credits and allow Terry to roam around in post-game, maybe change the text of one or two NPCs.I didn’t get a satisfying sense of conclusion.

  2. I don’t remember how it ended… in fact I’m not sure that I ever finished the game. I may have gotten on a "must get everything" bender and started grinding fishing or something and never got around to completing it. I should play it again.

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